A Zurich 5150 hitout

July 21st, 2014 by

Photo: KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt
Photo: KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt

It’s nice to be able to break the trend of lately, the on ego subtract and erase races from the calendar.

Realizing Zurich isn’t too much of a drive from here, and that the 5150 race fits pretty good in my schedule – we decided to make a day out of it.

Training has started to go quite well and to get fit you need to put yourself under pressure.

No better place to do that than in an environment with numbers and competitors. 

So I’ll put some aero bars on my my road bike and take it down to Lake Zurich.

Two years ago I made it my final hitout before the olympics. I crashed with a car and was restricted to “tempo” on the run due to a sore leg.

Hope this race day will be a little less dramatic…

See you in Zurich

Getting back in the grove

July 19th, 2014 by

Lisa Norden during the bike leg in Hamburg

So if London was a very unpleasant shock to the system Hamburg was a different story.

Having come straight from three weeks at altitude in D-squad land my body was slightly more prepared from what to come.

The Darren brain and handiwork together with training partners gunning for a top position in the upcoming Commonwealth Games – had provided the most excellent training environment.

Even tho we have been dealing with a small set back in terms of the calf strain I had when we came up the overall work has been good and the bar pushed forward.

My running obviously haven’t been has much or as strong as I would like, but we have done a lot of good work in other areas.

Going in to the race my goal was to be a part of it, not hanging at the back marking the end of it. I wanted to feel that I could be comfortable in the pack on the swim and then enjoy my old bike legs on the bike. Running had to be what ever I might find at the day.

And I could pretty much tick all my boxes leaving Hamburg as a happier and slightly more confident girl.

The body pulled up ok and I’m now back at camp working away.

Obviously I have my eyes set on the WTS race in Stockholm end of august and I would like to up my run shape quite a bit before then…

Time to get to work…

Yes I’m racing Hamburg

July 9th, 2014 by

World Championship Series Hamburg podium 2010

One of my best memories from Hamburg was shared with Emma Moffat and Aileen Reid. Photo: Janos Schmidt/ITU Media

I had a few questions lately and the answer is yes – I am racing in Hamburg. 

The bags are packed and the flight leaving in the morning. I’m going back to Hamburg and I’m looking forward to it.

It’s my second attempt on the ITU WTS series the year, and altho things havn’t been perfect (they rarely are) and I still have ways to go in terms of fitness – it will be a nice trip.

I love the Hamburg race. 

I love the city and the course – and the fact that all my races there has been above expectations so far in my career.

2006 I had my first top 20 (18th) in a World Cup event. 2007 I won the U23 World Champs. 2009 I got second to Emma Moffat in a breakaway trio, also joined on the podium by friend and training buddy Daniela Ryf. 2010 I won the race in a sprint finish (with Emma Moffat) and made my way back into the series after a very poor start. (also read the old blog from the week after that race for quite some interesting reflections)

Since then I haven’t raced due to injuries.

From when I started doing World Cups and World Series races my goal has always been to beat my ranking.

London earlier this year was one of the few times I didn’t manage to do that. I was ranked 53 into the race – and I equaled that number.

Not good.

This time I’m ranked a career low 60.

And this time around – I really really want to beat that number…

If not I guess I would have to ask the ITU to extend the pontoon with a few positions or I won’t be able to fit…