3,5 weeks La Pared and Playitas combo

February 14th, 2017 by

Photo: Jesper Andersson

Photo: Jesper Andersson

After having spent most part of the winter in Stockholm it was great to finally back the bikes and head south. Fuerteventura for me is quite well known, close to feel like my backyard in terms of training venues. To mix things up a bit we started to week not in Playitas as per normal but in La Pared.

Calle brought three friends with mountainbikes (team mate Henrik Sparr, Swedish Champ Mattias Wengelin and the cycling photographer Jesper Andersson). They were going to properly scout the area and look for new trails building some fitness into Cape Epic later this spring. ¬†I choose to stay on my road bike (…surprise..!) and get familiar with the new bike set up and bike. It was nice to get a few days head start before my “proper camp” was starting. Slowly easing back into longer days with more training – outdoors!

A few days later I left La Pared to set up a new base at Playitas. 

One of the major changes this year is the coaching set up. With Darren building boats and not doing the D-Squad thing anymore I had been looking around for a different structure. The Norwegian model run by Arild Tveiten was  the most interesting, close to home and with a very successful outcome so far (in a relatively short period of time).

It’s always a bit nervous to train with a new group for the first time. Before you get the hang of how things work, what the structure looks like, how the sessions feel and obviously the people and group dynamics. For me was the added language difficulty – Norwegian!! Yes it’s very close to Swedish – but yet not as easy as it might seem.

The first two weeks at camp we had a big group, the Norwegian Nationalteam, a bunch of upandcoming Norwegian junior girls, Lotte Miller and her Icelandic training partner Edda Hennesdottir and also visiting Kaidi Kivioja from Estonia. It was a great opportunity to observe and learn from the others how they normally do things. The last week everyone but the senior men left and we were a smaller more condensed group.

It was a fantastic camp. 

The program was solid and sometimes very challenging, but with enough gaps to catch my breath and kick back to life.

Specific sessions with specific targets, lots of attention to detail – and in general just a lot of really good training!

In three weeks you can do quite a bit and it feels like I’m travelling back to Stockholm having moved quite a few steps forwards.

It’s exciting and very motivating for the time ahead.¬†

Lisa and Kaidi cycling in Playitas

Photo: Mikal Iden


Photo: Jesper Andersson

Photo: Jesper Andersson

Photo: Jesper Andersson

Photo: Jesper Andersson

Lisa Norden Calle Friberg La Pared

Photo: Jesper Andersson




Pressrelease: Lisa joins Team Apollo Sports Skoda

January 5th, 2017 by

Lisa Norden joins Team Apollo Sports Skoda

After an intense Olympic period with two years dedicated to qualification and preparation process the London Olympic Silver Medalist and former World Champion Lisa Norden will now look into a different approach.

A homebase set up for training with training camps together with the Norwegian National Team guided by Head Coach Arild Tveiten.
‚ÄúIt‚Äôs quite a different, more number based way of training from what I‚Äôm used to. It‚Äôs refreshing and very exciting to be joining forces with the Norwegian Team and Arild‚Ä̬†Lisa says.

The emphasis is still on the Olympic Distance with the World Triathlon Series race in Stockholm as one of the main races. Eventually the focus will shift towards the Half Ironman distance and 70,3 World Champs may already be on the agenda in September.

Another challenge they took onboard is the national TT Champs in June where Lisa won the silver in 2013.

The team is a Swedish team developing from previous Team Scott Skoda run by Lisas partner, mountainbike professional Calle Friberg. After three years together with they will now join under the same structure.¬†‚ÄúTo share partners and sponsors is something we thought of for a long time. It gives us new possibilities to take what we do to another level. Together we reach a big audience in a wide spectra of endurance sport‚ÄĚ. says Calle Friberg.

Lisa and Calle will together with one of the main sponsors, Apollo Sports run training camps at a few selected Apollo destinations. First out is La Pared & Playitas followed by a cycling camp in the Canary Islands in March.

Calle Friberg och Lisa Norden Team Apollo Sports Skoda

Rider and Team Manager Calle Friberg with Lisa Norden during winter training.

SCOTT Sports Sverige¬†–¬†‚ÄĚ We, Scott Sports Sweden, have a long standing relationship with Calle och been involved from the start with Team Scott Skoda. With Lisa joining¬† having the results and career she has, it lifts the Team to another level.¬†
It opens doors to more sponsors and partners making it possible for the team to operate on the highest level. We are also big fans of the expansion to a multi discipline team from having been a pure MTB focused team.”¬†
Håkan Eriksson, CEO SCOTT Sports Sweden

With the new setup Lisa will as the rest of the team ride on Scott bikes.
The Plasma 5 and Scott Foil RC will be Lisas primary bikes.

Lisa will represent STOCKHOLM CK as her club in all triathlon and cycling races.

Lisa Nordens kit in Team Apollo Sports Skoda

Lisa Nordéns new team kit from  Bioracer. 

Lisas preliminary schedule 2017

Mallorca 70,3                      13 May
Madrid WC                          28 May
Cagliari WC                         4 June
Vätternrundan                    17 June
National TT Champs          21 June
National Sprint Champs    June
WTS Hamburg                    16-16 July
WTS Edmonton                  29-30 July
WTS Montreal                     5-6 Aug
WTS Stockholm                  26-27 Aug
Tjejmilen                              2 Sept
70,3 World Champs, USA   9 Sept
Challenge Aruba                  21 Oct

Calle Friberg & Henrik Sparr focusing on XC & Marathon. 
The MTB department of the team is focusing on XC & Marathons. Calles first big goal of the season will be the mighty and grueling stage race in South Africa – Cape Epic at the end of march. This time he¬īs teaming up with the current swedish XC Champ, Matthias Wengelin. Their goal will be a top 10 in the GC and the go for a stage or 2. After that he will focus on the swedish marathon series and also try to reclaim the swedish cross country champ title in July.¬†Henrik will focus mainly on the swedish marathon series and CykelVasan.

Calle & Henrik will both represent STOCKHOLM CK as their club.

Calle Friberg and Henrik Sparr in former Team Scott Skoda

Preliminary schedule for Calle & Henrik

Training camp La Pared / Playitas                19 jan-9 feb
Lanzarote 4 stage MTB Race                       4-7 feb
Sunshine Cup #1 Afxentia                            23-26 feb
Training camp Gran Canaria with Apollo      4-11 mars   
Cape Epic (Calle & Matthias Wengelin)       19-26 mars
Endurocamp, Madeira with Apollo                 3-10 april
Lidingöloppet MTB                                        6 maj
Billingeracet Skövde                                     13 maj
Skandisloppet MTB                                       14 maj
Långa Lugnet                                                28 maj
Lida Loop                                                      11 juni
Vätternrundan with Skoda Cycling Team     17 juni
Swe Champs, road                                       25 juni
Ränneslättsturen                                           2 juli
Mörksuggejakten                                           9 Juli
Swe Champs Cross Country                         16 Juli
Engelbreksturen                                             23 Juli
Finnmarksturen                                              6 Aug
Bockstensturen                                              2 sept
Västgötaloppet                                               23 sep

Calles och Henriks kit in Team Apollo Sports Skoda

Race kit for Calle & Henrik from  Bioracer. 


Lisa will on long distance race this amazing machine:  SCOTT Plasma 5.


Lisa, Calle & Henrik will all be riding and racing on SCOTT Foil RC. road bike.

Scott Spark 900 RC WC

Calle & Henrik will race the all new SCOTT Spark 900 RC World Cup, Also Scale 900 RC WC on some races, such as CykelVasan.

For more info:
Team Manager, Apollo Sports Skoda
Calle Friberg
+4673-687 26 91

Teamets sponsorer: Apollo Sports, SCOTT Sports, Skoda, Asics, TYR

Teamets samarbetspartners:
Garmin, Access Rehab, Bioracer, Adidas Eyewear, Thule Sweden, Syncros, pOcpac

MTB Teamets samarbetspartners:
Maxxis, Enervit, Rönneberga, Lidingöloppet MTB, Squirt lube

Lisas samarbetspartners:
Urban Deli, BEMapps

Team Apollo Sports Skoda

ITU congress 2016

December 12th, 2016 by


Attending the ITU Congress in Madrid was my first visit to this “other side” of sport.¬†

Still being active I find it very interesting to see the whole picture and what is happening behind the scenes to make our sport, and the World Triathlon Series happen. The main purpose of my visit was a meeting with the Athlete Committee on the Saturday morning. Being there it made sense to attend the Congress (and the pre congress…) to understand and learn about the process and how the governance of the sport works.

It’s been a while since I consumed so many cups of coffee and did that kind of amount of sitting.¬†My meeting endurance is not great but it for sure got a good workout over the weekend.

From a Swedish point of view I was delighted to see Ria Damgren being voted in as a vice president (one out of four) and of course also Marisol Casado being re-elected for another term. The president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, was there to congratulate her.

Marisol Casado being elected at the ITU Congress

The Athlete Committee meeting was very interesting and it’s an important part of our sport. I really appreciate how the ITU wants to hear our voice and listens to what we have to say. On site in Madrid was Jess Harrison, Rachel Klamer, Ai Ueda, Clair Cunningham, Tamas Toth, Francisco Serrano, Yannic Bourseaux and myself. Being a young sport still developing there are quite a few things we needed to discuss. Hopefully we can be a positive part of that progression.

All in all it was a very interesting weekend and I found myself exhausted on the plane back to Stockholm.

Funny how fitness (from training) translates so poorly into meeting rooms and auditoriums.

Lisa Norden Francisco Serrano and Ai Ueda in Madrid