It’s cycle cross time of year

October 12th, 2014 by

Photo: Anne Eide-Jensen

Photo: Anne Eide-Jensen

It’s been a while.

One year is a long time and last time I really rode my CX bike was at National Champs in november last year. Now is the time when there are plenty of training races, training opportunities and also big real races around to choose from. I won’t be able to compete at Nationals this year as I’ll be in Kenya on a running camp. At the moment I’m in a really heavy swim block to prepare for next year with a big emphasis to improve and shape up my stroke.

I had a window yesterday, a bike session, some good weather and a CX training race on offer. It’s the most fun thing I have done in a while.

The combination of breathing my lungs out, having to focus 100% on what I’m doing and racing others in a beautiful autumn  sun beats a lot of other things.

It scares me  (a little) and I don’t have the best skills (understatement…) but I really really like it…

Anna Eide-Jensen was out on the course snapping some pictures yesterday. Here is a select few from her album.

Photo: Anne Eide-Jensen

Photo: Anne Eide-Jensen

Photo: Anne Eide-Jensen

Photo: Anne Eide-Jensen

Photo: Anna Eide-Jensen

Photo: Anna Eide-Jensen

What I take away from Zurich 5150

July 27th, 2014 by


Lisa Norden S-Works Amira Zurich 5150

I haven’t raced much yet this year. 

There is a bad circle that starts when you are injured.

You obviously can’t train well. When you can’t train well you won’t race. When you don’t race you don’t get race fit.

The way to fix thing is to get injury free, get back into training and then start to race.

The not so nice thing about this, is that racing won’t be very pleasant to start with.

Especially if you do this “getting back to racing” while you still are trying to train hard.

Things can get really ugly very quickly. 

In the car back from Zürich the Rolling Stones sang me some truth

“You can’t always get what you want.

But if you try sometime, you just might find

You get what you need”

Yeah right

I guess needed that.

My body felt sluggish and I never managed to get into the 5th gear. As I hadn’t planned on doing this race originally I didn’t have my TT bike at camp. I brought my normal S-Works Amira which I clipped some short tri bars on hoping my legs would be able to do the work required. They did I guess. I managed to stay with Svenja and Ricky even with out different choices of equipment. But Daniela showed us all what its like to really ride fast and made us look quite stupid really. Well done on her – and a big kick up the butt for the rest of us.

I had hoped to have a nice run as I finally had started to make some progression in terms of training. But I guess its a bit much to ask the legs to both train harder and race fast at the same time.  There is that part called recovery and absorbing training that there isn’t really time for at the moment.

But I still hate the not racing fast part of it…

Back to the mountains and back into training.

Lets keep building…

This year isn’t over til it’s over…

A Zurich 5150 hitout

July 21st, 2014 by

Photo: KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt
Photo: KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt

It’s nice to be able to break the trend of lately, the on ego subtract and erase races from the calendar.

Realizing Zurich isn’t too much of a drive from here, and that the 5150 race fits pretty good in my schedule – we decided to make a day out of it.

Training has started to go quite well and to get fit you need to put yourself under pressure.

No better place to do that than in an environment with numbers and competitors. 

So I’ll put some aero bars on my my road bike and take it down to Lake Zurich.

Two years ago I made it my final hitout before the olympics. I crashed with a car and was restricted to “tempo” on the run due to a sore leg.

Hope this race day will be a little less dramatic…

See you in Zurich