10th in ITU Mooloolaba World Cup

March 26th, 2012 by

It was definitely an OK start of the ITU season.

I messed up early in the race. Didn’t get out to the first buoy as quick as I should, and got stuck in the middle of the pack spending to much time fighting for space, – and air.

The choppy conditions made it very difficult as people were being pushed back and forth by the waves, as well as negotiating currents and winds. I came out to far back in the pack to do anything about the group of 10 girls that had gotten off the front.

We lost a bit of time on each lap as our group failed to get organized and start working. Into T2 the gap had opened up to 90 seconds.

As my major goal for the race was a solid hit-out and a check on where my fitness was at. It didn’t really matter so much that the medals were well out of reach. 

I ran well, or at least according to my fitness. I have worked on re-establishing my base this winter and I can feel I have more running in my legs than for quite some years.

But that running now needs to be taking up a notch, and my body needs to get adapted to the harder work racing requires. 

So in all – things are on track.

Now three weeks to sharpen things up before the ITU Sydney World Series Race.