2nd place in Takapuna

February 15th, 2015 by

Photo: Scott Taylor

Photo: Scott Taylor

A friday evening in Takapuna.

A tight course, a short race and a big beer drinking crowd – could you ask for a better setting?

Even if shorter means faster, more intense, lots of pain and no windows for mistakes its a lot of fun.

And it’s great training for the bigger races to come. A great opportunity to nail the transitions, find room for improvements and just really try to rev the engine as much as possible.

The race: 

Started off very good for me with a super swim. I was first to the first turn bouy and kept the lead from there. A very fine moment for one who started off her career swimming third pack. I still do enjoy a good swim very much. Then I got into a small break of three on the bike sitting about 20-25seconds ahead of the chase back. It’s was tight and technical and stung a bit towards the end. First in and first out of T2 was another nice one to have in the bank. Hung on Sophies shoulder for the first half lap then felt great and picked up the pace. Opened up a small gap and ran hard for a bit, thinking that maybe, just maybe, I had enough in the legs to hold on.But I didn’t. Sophie came past me and I didn’t have much to respond with.

The outcome:

A second place and another bunch of points towards the ITU pointslist

The conclusion:

Things are falling into place and some boxes can be ticked.  I’m still catching up on the run and have more work to do in terms of layering the fitness and building a solid base. Lets just keep building from here.

Overall it was a great night in Takapuna – truly enjoyed it!

Thanks everyone who came out to support us!

Photo: Scott Taylor

Photo: Scott Taylor