5th place in Cozumel WC

October 5th, 2015 by

It was a good start, a really good start, to the pretty hefty block of racing I just started. 

Three World Cups in the month of October, three attempts to improve my ranking into a reasonable number again.

Yesterdays 5th place was first and foremost a really nice concrete sign of that things are moving in the right direction. The swim was good, the biking where it should be (and has been for quite a few years) – and the run steadily improving.

This is the first race in a while where I have been able to train without having to cut run sessions or worrying about any potential injury. That to me – is a win in itself. The phase between now and end of august has been good to me. Training in Stockholm was great (much thanks to Amanda and Micke and visiting kiwi Sam Osborne) and physio support spotless. Finally we have started to learn how to deal with this body of mine, what the real issues are and how to get it back up and running. I sometimes think of myself as an old car, one you have to learn all the tricks¬†to keep it running. And actually, I think we are slowly getting there. I didn’t have any real idea of what to expect from the run, I have to start a bit slow as my back is still a bit stiff coming off the bike. Once I got going I started to move up through the field. I passed girls like Oliviera, Densham, and training partners Julia and Lindsey. “Jeeze this is actually not to shabby for someone who avg ca 30-40k’s this last 6 weeks” (and THAT being a big improvement from the previous months…). I was quite well heat acclimatised so that didn’t bother me too much. On the last lap some girls went backwards while others came through and the positions changed a bit. I found myself in 5th place coming into the shute which was well beyond expectations. Box ticked!

All three of us D-Squaders finished in the top 8 so smiles were big in the icewaterfilled kids pool behind the athletes lounge afterwards. High 5 Coach Daz!

PHOTO: Origin Performance

Now to the exciting part. 

So the real reason travelling across the world racing these World Cups was point right. No matter how much I enjoy racing and travelling – without the prospect of these this race stint wouldn’t have happened.

But with the 5th place yesterday I catapulted up 31 places on the ITU Poinstlist. 

From a under par 103rd world ranking to 70th place.

Still not where I want to be, but with two more races to go and potentially more points to earn I could be in a somewhat good position starting next year. Remember my real target is to earn olympic points ¬†– ¬†guarantee my start in the first four WTS races – and there¬†do a¬†top 8 and Olympic Qualifier. It’s a long way to go, but if I can keep chipping away bit by bit it’s not impossible.

Lisa norden cozumel

I’ll say thank you to Cozumel for having hosted me these past 12 days and looking forward seeing you next year. Cozumel will then be hosting the 2016 Grand Final so exciting times to come back here for that.

Now I’ll enjoy my time at home, set the physio team to work and get some nice sessions in the bank before the next World Cup in Alanya in 2wks time.