December 15th, 2012 by

It’s been a big few weeks for me back home.

There is the one award that means a bit more in Sweden.

The one sport award that is valuing the achievement and the deed of the athlete, not only the pure result or medal won.

It’s called Bragdguldet¬†and is awarded by the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet¬†.

You can’t really be nervous for these things. There is not much you can do to change the outcome or to impact on what the decision will be.¬†

I went to the gym in the morning. I met up with a group at the pool and worked on my swim stroke and building back my fitness. Then I met some friends for lunch at an urban swedish lunch restaurant south of the city. About the same time as we knew the decision was going to be announced.

There was no journalists around, like they said they would be even tho none knew the result. So I guess we all figured I was not the one with the champagne bottle that day. We had some soup and salad and a nice conversation. Then this man walked in with some flowers. My thoughts went “oh they are really prepared, wonder what they will do with the flowers if I don’t win?”.

Instead he pulled up a writers note pad, cleared this throat and begun reading the motivation of why I, Lisa Norden, was the winner of the 2012 Bragdguldet.

There was goosebumps(me) and cheers (the others) all around the table. 

All around the restaurant really, as people started to understand what was going on.

Then, only a minute or so following we saw the real live announcement being made trough live coverage from someones mobile phone.

And my phone duties started….

It’s not over exaggerating comparing the media interest to something similar with what happened after the games.

I was home and I was in Stockholm, so I was available at all fronts.

It was one amazing day I late forget.

The bubbles had slowly disappeared from my glass and the cream taken on a room temperature before I finally had a a moment to sit down and enjoy what was standing at the table.

Me Lisa Nordén, winner of the Bragdguldet 2012.

Beaten the likes of Zlatan (the king of sweden) and Lööf & Salminen (Olympic gold medalists 2012) to it.

Putting my name on a list already containing names like Bj√∂rn Borg, Anja Person, Carolina Kl√ľft, Gunde Svan and Annika S√∂renstam.

It was a big day for triathlon, 

and a huge day for Lisa Norden.