Bundesliga in Kraichgau

June 14th, 2017 by


One week after the WC in Cagliari it was time for another sprint. This time in Germany and in the Bundesliga. The host for the first race in the series was Kraichgau, and I flew down to Frankfurt to meet up with my team.

I’m racing for Triathlon Team TG Witten, and has done so from the very beginning. It was in Witten I pretty much started my racing career, and it was in the Bundesliga I got to grow into world class racing, in a less intimidating format.

The Bundesliga works like this;

One team has four girls, the tree best results counts. If you win you get 1point, if you get 2nd two points ect. etc.  The team with the lowest numbers wins the race, the lowest points after the five races wins the series. Simple – and a lot of fun!



My team did very well, we ended up finishing 3rd, 4th and 5th which gave us a convincing victory of the day.
I had a good race too and was the 4th placed member. In Cagliari the swim and the bike was good but the run let me down. I had no speed and found myself in some tempo run instead of smashing a 5k.

In Kraichgau now I suddenly found some legs and I could push myself a lot more. I lost a little time in the first 500m but picked up a lot of places in the 2nd half of the run. Encouraging!

Two weekend of races and quite a bit of travel means some easier days this week.
Next up is Swedish Time Trial Champs !