Challenge Aruba Sprint win

October 27th, 2016 by

Photo: One happy photographer

Photo: One happy photographer

It turned out to be a solid morning. 

Obviously not being in the “real” Challenge race I wasn’t racing for money – or against a super strong field.

It was more an opportunity to rev the engine, get a chip on and put the body through the paces of racing.

I started with the swim leg of the relay which started at the same time as the age group wave, 3mins behind the pro girls.

Too big to get in the mix of the pros I thought, but was quite happy when I caught them just before the swim exit. Good to know for potential future half distance starts… After the first swim I had a break just short of an hour before getting back in the water for my second start. A shorter swim this time (but long for a sprint – measured it to just over a 1000m on my garmin) but followed by a bike and a run this time. I do love non draft racing and it was nice to be back on the Shiv again. The sprint was one lap of the Challenge course including two shortcuts (no lighthouse for us). Then back into transition for the run that took us along the beach walk behind the hotels, out in some proper deep sand running to go around the Ritz Carlton and back along the cycle course.

It was a hot and heavy run and I was quite happy to be finished after one lap…

But – out there I decided that when I come back next time I’ll def be in the proper Challenge race!

Once finished I found Calle (who had taken over from me to do the bike leg) and we had an ice cream on the beach walk cheering for Yvonne, Linsey, Heather and the rest of the pros trying to finish things off in style.

All in all Aruba really impressed us!

Not only the white beaches and warm waters. The warm welcome and how we were hosted exceeded all expectations. We made a lot of new friends and had a stellar time from when we arrived on the Island.

Until next year!

Photo: Eric Wynn

Photo: Eric Wynn

Lisa Norden relay swim

Photo: Eric Wynn

Photo: Eric Wynn