Consecutive Hy-Vee triumph

September 3rd, 2012 by

Photo Credits; Paul Phillips

Coming in to this season I had been looking forward to this triple. 

It’s not very often an athlete gets a chance to link together three races of the caliber I was offered over the past four weeks.

The Olympic Games. 

A World Triathlon Series race in front of a home crowd. 

The Hy-Vee triathlon and a $151 500 worth oversized prize check. 

I highly doubt I ever get the chance to do anything even close to that. At last within a four week time span.

And looking back, this late fairytale story of mine doesn’t seem to come to an end.

2 – 1 – 1

Not a bad result.

Des Moines is starting to become a favorite place of mine. The kind people, the friendly atmosphere and the races I’ve been able to pull out.

It wasn’t an easy last week. To recover from the two short but very intense races in Stockholm. The flight over, the jet lag, the equipment that never arrived to Stockholm in time.

In one way I was just happy to be back, anything after the Olympics and Stockholm felt like a bonus.

But the other part of me was quietly bummed that my muscles were misbehaving and that I missed the crucial training on the TT-bike.

The race wasn’t smooth by any means. It was a struggle from the gun with a few mishaps and poor decisions from my side. 

I was running on thin ice with my spasming muscles, well aware of the effect the  Iowa heat might have on me.

But keeping calm and quietly working away paid off by the end.

I found myself in the lead early out on the run course, and once you get a sniff of that finish line…there is no turning back.

Or slowing down.

It was another amazing day at the office. 

One filled of sweat and sore muscles – but finished with flowers and champagne. 

To be back at the podium in front of the Des Moines Capitol building was a sweet reunion.

One great mix of professional satisfaction, – and excitement for what the win brings with it for  my future life.

I owe another big thank you to my coach Darren.

The boys at Specialized for the last minute scramble to get all the equipment in place.

And the Hy-Vee Triathlon for putting on such an amazing event.

Wow, Des Moines. Once again it has been an absolute pleasure!

Until next time!

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