Flash flooding in Mooloolaba

March 22nd, 2012 by

Photo from the Sunshine coast daily

I’m not quite sure “Sunshine coast” is a fitting name for this place.

Since arrival today the rain has bucketed down non stop here in Mooloolaba. If anything the wind has picked up and being outside is very unpleasant.

There are warnings out for driving through flash floods and people are being stuck out in there cars needing rescuing.

Athletes competing in the World Cup this weekend being no exception.

A tweet from fellow athlete Hollie Avil said;

@lisanorden I was with @natdillo! Had to abandon the car and walk 8km home! An interesting experience…

My coach cancelled today’s afternoon session, as swimming in the ocean would have been borderline stupid. Instead I got to rest up and have a longer stretch in my room. Works quite well on heavy flight legs too.

I think we are quite a few athletes doing the sun-dance tonight,

hoping that things will calm down before the races starts on Saturday.

A picture gallery with the wet from the Sunshine coast daily.