Gearing up for Abu Dhabi

February 17th, 2016 by

Photo: Etienne van Rensburg

Photo: Etienne van Rensburg

It’s crazy how quick the time seems to disappear sometimes.

They do say that it passes quicker with age, yet I’m to experience a 2hr Olympic Distance race to pass by quicker…

It still feels, and will probably always feel, like a long day out there.

When we arrived down here it felt like an eternity of time ahead. So many days and sessions were to come by before that race debut in Abu Dhabi was going to happen. Now we have a week and a half left before the flight departs from Capetown. Definitely not an eternity. You can count the session and you really want to get the most out of each and every one of them.

But its been a solid phase and I look back with no regrets.

I’m not in a position to panic or trying to stress things. My body told me loud and clear that it didn’t want to play ball unless I made sure it could dictate the pace. It’s been a very sensible and useful block, the base I have been looking for in the past two years.

In the start it didn’t feel like much happened, yes I was able to take the load and do the training mapped out for me, but I didn’t feel great. After the first “mini break” where we had a few days off I almost came back more tired and a bit sore (yes a bit was that I accidentally happened to crack my little toe after I dropped a water bottle on it…). Then slowly I could feel things change and the body bouncing back. A few quicker sessions and suddenly I found a bit of speed. The steady runs felt more manageable and the longs runs didn’t cost as much effort.

The whole group is going great and its been a nice to watch, and be a part, of that upwards spiral in performance.

The time left in Stellenbosch will be slightly different to the what we used to. Volume will come down and intensity increase. Resting will play a bigger role and we will try to hit are intensity (and more) not to be absolutely in chock come race day. Tonight we all join in a local 10k (Ginos fun run) to get a wee taste of the feeling of hurt again. These little hitouts are great primers for bigger things. We are all tired and reluctant to the prospect of running hard for that amount of time. But viewed as a tempo session with number pinned to your chest I think we’ll all survive (more or less…).

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Photo: Etienne van Rensburg

Photo: Etienne van Rensburg