In Kitzbühel for the ITU Triathlon World Series

June 21st, 2012 by

So after a few months out of the action I have now arrived in the Austrian town Kitzbühel.

En easy drive down from Davos, and with the familiar scenery of mountains and never ending greenness.

I dare say it is one of the most picturesque ITU races. And by the athletes among the most appreciated to race in.

The training around the race is easy and pleasant. The course is demanding, hard and asks a lot from it’s champions.

The past block in Davos has been good and my body has started to respond to the harder and more intense sessions.

I’m still not expecting fireworks, but a few good indications that I’m moving in the right direction would be appreciated.

Both from me and the coach I’d think.

Tomorrow will be the technical day.

I’ll go over parts of the course, test corners, memorize the transition area and grades on the hills.  

I’ll take my body through the gears. Test everything from slow through to flowing up to fast.

I’ll speak to the Specialized mechanics about my bike and potential change of equipment.

I’ll basically do my best to eliminate all factors that could cost me time or effort on saturday.

The race takes off at 15:05 on saturday.

Follow it live through ITU’s live production