ITU Triathlon World Series Final in Auckland this weekend

October 17th, 2012 by

A long season is coming to an end this weekend. 

The ITU World Series is finishing with bang down here in Auckland. 

The way the ITU Series works we collect points throughout the year. We can count our 5 best races  + the Grand Final.

Which, being the Grand Final is awarded with 50% more points.

I had a slow start where I put everything into the olympic preparation. My first race was average, the second two I had to withdraw my name from due to injury. So my overall ranking  wasn’t looking so good coming into the Olympics.

But that was ok, since I early on had decided to prioritize the olympics ahead of the Series this year.

When I followed up the Olympic medal with a win back home in Stockholm- the tables turned.

I now had my five races – but with one more chance to swap up my lesser points from Sydney if I had a good race in Yokohama.

So I packed my bags and went after it. We all know how it went.

It paid off.

I’m now ranked #2 heading into the World Series Grand Final. 

Ahead of me is Erin Densham, bronze medalist from London who had an amazingly consistent season.

She has 30 points more than me – which means I have to beat her.

It doesn’t mean I have to win the race, but I need to place at least ONE place ahead of her.

I think I have some solid work cut out for me this Saturday…

But I’ll give me my absolute best shot!