ITU Yokohama Triathlon World Series Race 2012 edition

September 26th, 2012 by

Yokohama is the last chance to earn points in this years ITU World Triathlon Series.

Most girls have got their full five count of races, but taking this opportunity to swap up one of the lesser results from earlier in the season.

Thats exactly the reason for why I’m here.

I have a 1st (Stockholm) two 2nd’s (Olympic Games and Kitzbühel) a 7th (Yokohama late last year) and – a 17th (Sydney).

As I’m currently sitting in 4th I could advance further up in time for the Grand Final in Auckland. This considering Nicola Spirig won’t race more this season – and the possibility of swapping the Sydney points for something better.

So here I am, back in the port of Yokohama, for the third time in my career.

I have very pleasant memories from winning my first ever ITU World Championship Series race here in 2009. I also have a big liking to Japan and the Japanese culture – the two combined made me very much look forward to this trip.

Training has gone well in Sedona, it was easier than expected to fit back into training and the normal routine of the group.

I half expected that post olympic blues to hit me after Des Moines.

But no. 

It never came around.

I guess the ITU World Triathlon Series and a potential medal was motivating enough to keep thins exciting.

Sedona is a wonderful place to train and offers that perfect combination of hard sessions and nice nice post training coffees.

My body has been on best behavior, and I have very much enjoyed training without injuries and niggles.

Slowly I’ve started to realize the amount of stress and negative pressure I was under before. Trying to optimize what I could with a body not quite cooperating.

Coming back to a place – where I spent three weeks rehabing in the gym – was a nice revenge.

To finally get out on those rocky trails and wonderful desert runs.

Back to the race on saturday – I’m very much looking forward to it.

As things have gone well I obviously hoping to have a good one.

But as the bigger pressure races of the year is behind me (that triple of Olympics, Stockholm and Des Moines was my MAIN GOAL of 2012) – I’m kind of relaxed about it.

Thats a very good head space to be in going into a race.