Life is good in Aruba

October 22nd, 2016 by

Lisa Norden shiv Aruba

This might actually be one of my favourite race destinations of all time. 


A place that previously have been known from flipping trough travel magazines at the hairdresser.

Flamingos and alabaster white beaches, blue waters and catamarans. 

And triathlon?


Its definitely a combination that works very well.

It’s a Challenge race and true to it’s spirit the welcoming has been amazing and absolutely top notch. 

And I’m not even racing the full (half) race.

My challenge for tomorrow is actually two races.

I’ll start early with the swim in the Lisa Norden relay team where I get to hand over to boyfriend Calle Friberg and local runner Oliver Christian.

After about an hour break I’ll race the sprint race which here is alrighty longer than a standard sprint race.

It’s not only a solid morning, it’s also a perfect race practise for the Island House Triathlon next weekend.




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Lisa Norden Aruba

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