Mallorca 70,3

June 1st, 2017 by

Photo: RKnightPhotography

The race that went far away from the race plan.

It started well, I felt great in the water and lead the swim from the start. At the first turning buoy I saw that I had fellow country woman Annie Thoren on my feet, half way back towards the beach I saw that she had dropped back a little and that I was clear. I could also see some pro men infront of me which I must say, urged me on just a little bit, for the joy of exiting the water among them stressing them just a little.. 🙂

So far it was all good and I was super excited to start the bike and see what the last block of work had done for me. So much focus had gone into the bike and improving my threshold, both LT and AT. I had a race plan and I knew what watts I was targeting.

That all went down the drains as soon as I grabbed my bike and ran out out transition. As I jumped on I realised my back wheel was completely deflated – PUNCTURE! NOO.

I knew the bike mechanic was just inside transition so I turned and ran back in (wondering if it really was allowed to run backwards on the course at all?!) . Unfortunately the bike mechanic had left on the motorbike with the leading front men, so there was no longer and tubes etc available in transition. I had a pitstop on my bike (didn’t fancy using this at the very start of a 90k bike…) and all my tubes where checked in with the white bag 1k up the beach… So the only thing I could do was to wait while the motorbike was making its way back on the course towards the transition area. It took a while. And A WHILE is a long time when the clock is ticking and the race is on. All the other girls took their bikes and headed out on the course, the front age group men came in and took their bikes. I was still waiting in a corner at the end of transition.

Thoughts ran through my head and I tried to figure out how to feel and how to react. I was pissed, of course. But should I hang up the bike and go for a swim warm down…? Or should I keep racing even if I wasn’t really in the race anymore…? Eventually the tyre was fixed (god bless the ITU and it’s wheel stops…) and I decided to ride on.

I had eaten a big breakfast, I was warmed up – and I figured the coach most probably was going to give me a massive bike/run session if I didn’t race now. In one way or another we did want some answers and see how the body reacted. So rather than having to do that all by myself the next day I figured I might as well enjoy the crowd and the free coke on the run course.

Photo: Filip Conrad /f_konrad

I took put my race head on and went out there. I pretty much stayed on my Watt targets, I messed up the pacing slightly on the run but did hit the effort I was meant to. I did get a great day of training in the bank.

And if you wonder, I finished 7th.

(as I do have my cycling data I know my actual cycling time and figured I would have been on the podium if things had gone smoother).

There you go – my season debut of 2017.

It could definitely have gone smoother, but still it didn’t go far off the plan (effort wise).

I finished off my Mallorca week with three days of cycling coaching together with Ernst & Young in Porto de Soller. Three beautiful days, one of the best spots for cycling and open water swimming all categories.

Heading up Sa Calobra the day after the race


Dinner with Ernst & Young in Puerto de Soller

Mum – the best supporter of all time