Media requests and sport awards

November 25th, 2012 by

Coming back home showed me a complete different side of this sport. 

It punctuated how big impact the olympic games has on a small sport.

How the Olympics changes it from being on the back of the small papers – to suddenly of national interest.

Continuing my season after London, traveling, focusing and getting on with my racing delayed that effect for me.

It was fun – and a completely overwhelming experience.

To suddenly have a phone that was ringing. And refusing to stop doing so. 

To have days booked, not with training but with media requests and talks.

I thought it was going to last for about a week.

It still hasn’t stopped.

When the first wave calmed down I started to receive nominations from various sport awards.

New wave…

I’ve been honored to be in the running for the Svenska Dagbladet‘s Bragdguldet. One of the most, if not the, prestigious sports award in Sweden. Highlighting the feat and the dead – more so than the actual result.

I’m also nominated for the Jerringpriset (people’s choice award), Swedish female athlete of the year and Performance of the year.

In between the media obligations I answer mails from signature requests, catching up with my family, trying to get back into training – and also managed to turn a year older.

It’s been busy back home for this one.