Two out of three in the Bahamas

November 5th, 2016 by

Lisa Norden Island House

Photo: Michal Cerveny

Unfortunately it wasn’t a repeat of last year.

Damn stage races are tough, and if you come in a little bit fragile the body will hurt.

The season, that now has stretched over two years, has started to take it’s toll and my body didn’t feel the love.

I didn’t pull upp well after Aruba and my achillies felt a bit niggly. Most times thats ok, the body gets through a lot of things even if there is a bit of discomfort involved. But with stage races it’s different, the ability to back up the next day again and load up the body 100% back to back.

The first stage was three individual TT’s.

I swam a little under par, feeling good but apparently too good as I wasn’t swimming fast enough. No excuses – just not fast enough. The bike was better and more to expectation. A third fastest bike split is almost bragging rights in a field of the caliber that had assembled for the weekend, only Heather Wurtele and Holly Lawrence scored faster times. Day one finished with a 5k run and after summarising the three TT’s I was sitting in 7th.  Not too bad.

Lisa Norden Island House

Lining up for the start in the Enduro Day 2. Photo: Michal Cerveny

Waking up the next morning the foot was sore. I was up early giving myself a lot of time to move around and slowly warm up up the system. A bit of ice and isometric holds seemed to have worked well in the past but today it was more tender than before. I guess not too far fetched after yesterdays 5k all out run on tarmac. Still, I figured once warmed up and with some adrenalin in the body I might get through ok.

Lisa Norden Island House swim

Coming out of the water for the 750 TT Day 1. Photo: Michal Cerveny

Day two was 750 swim, 5k run, 40k TT bike, 750 swim and 5k run all back to back and with a mass start. 

I swam with the bunch but lost contact with the bunch straight out of T1. I was sore and couldn’t load up my foot probably, there was no spring and I couldn’t put any force through the ground. Trying to stay positive I talked myself into that this could tactically be ok, I would have more horse power on the bike and some girls might have fried themselves too early…? Unfortunately there was no superpowers on the bike that day.I was quickly to discover that even riding my bike hurt the achilles and similar to on the run I couldn’t transfer the power.

Lisa Norden Island House

Trying to find something to push with during the Ednuro stage Day 2. Photo: Michal Cerveny

I was absolutely devastated as I pulled the plug coming back into T2.

Calle was there and there might have been a few tears as I left my bike and returned my chip. The absolut worst way to exit a race. But right there with no other alternative if I wasn’t completely to ruin my body.

I wanted to have finished the race out on Highbourne Cay after Day 3 – but instead my body get to start the holiday one day early. I still got to go to Highbourne Cay but as a spectator and tourist. Not the worst thing that could happen in life…

It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s private, it has got a nice restaurant and beautiful beaches. And I was going to watch some of the best athletes in the world compete. Bittersweet yes – but quite survivable 🙂


Lisa Norden Island House

During the 20k TT Day 1. Photo: Michal Cerveny

Luke and Beth McKenzie once again had put on a wonderful event, really it’s on it’s own in terms of hospitality, field quality and excitement.

These guys are working their butts off for this race.

I also owe Mark Holowesko a bit thank you for making all these wonderful things happen.

Thank you.

Lisa Norden running Bahamas

During the 5k run Day 1

With this my race season 2016 is complete.

It’s been 13 races in 5 continents.

More air miles than ever before and the longest stretch of racing ever (there was never a break after last years season).

I don’t think I ever needed a break more. Mentally and physically.

And I’m very much looking forward to the month ahead.

For the first time in a very long time I’m going to treat my offseason with respect. I’m going to properly rest up from all things triathlon related.

Commuting to the pool, showering three times a day, planning my meals. The list is long.

Lisa Norden Highbourne Cay

There are some very exciting plans for next year.

Darren is retiring and will sail around the world. I guess a very well needed break from athletes and things sport related.

So I have been doing a lot of thinking and came up with a plan that feels both exciting and makes a lot of sense.

But more of that later on.

First I’m going to enjoy my break.

It started top notch with a few days in Miami. Picture below gives you an idea of the theme.

Lisa Norden Miami Holiday

Lisa Norden Miami Holiday

Challenge Aruba Sprint win

October 27th, 2016 by

Photo: One happy photographer

Photo: One happy photographer

It turned out to be a solid morning. 

Obviously not being in the “real” Challenge race I wasn’t racing for money – or against a super strong field.

It was more an opportunity to rev the engine, get a chip on and put the body through the paces of racing.

I started with the swim leg of the relay which started at the same time as the age group wave, 3mins behind the pro girls.

Too big to get in the mix of the pros I thought, but was quite happy when I caught them just before the swim exit. Good to know for potential future half distance starts… After the first swim I had a break just short of an hour before getting back in the water for my second start. A shorter swim this time (but long for a sprint – measured it to just over a 1000m on my garmin) but followed by a bike and a run this time. I do love non draft racing and it was nice to be back on the Shiv again. The sprint was one lap of the Challenge course including two shortcuts (no lighthouse for us). Then back into transition for the run that took us along the beach walk behind the hotels, out in some proper deep sand running to go around the Ritz Carlton and back along the cycle course.

It was a hot and heavy run and I was quite happy to be finished after one lap…

But – out there I decided that when I come back next time I’ll def be in the proper Challenge race!

Once finished I found Calle (who had taken over from me to do the bike leg) and we had an ice cream on the beach walk cheering for Yvonne, Linsey, Heather and the rest of the pros trying to finish things off in style.

All in all Aruba really impressed us!

Not only the white beaches and warm waters. The warm welcome and how we were hosted exceeded all expectations. We made a lot of new friends and had a stellar time from when we arrived on the Island.

Until next year!

Photo: Eric Wynn

Photo: Eric Wynn

Lisa Norden relay swim

Photo: Eric Wynn

Photo: Eric Wynn

Life is good in Aruba

October 22nd, 2016 by

Lisa Norden shiv Aruba

This might actually be one of my favourite race destinations of all time. 


A place that previously have been known from flipping trough travel magazines at the hairdresser.

Flamingos and alabaster white beaches, blue waters and catamarans. 

And triathlon?


Its definitely a combination that works very well.

It’s a Challenge race and true to it’s spirit the welcoming has been amazing and absolutely top notch. 

And I’m not even racing the full (half) race.

My challenge for tomorrow is actually two races.

I’ll start early with the swim in the Lisa Norden relay team where I get to hand over to boyfriend Calle Friberg and local runner Oliver Christian.

After about an hour break I’ll race the sprint race which here is alrighty longer than a standard sprint race.

It’s not only a solid morning, it’s also a perfect race practise for the Island House Triathlon next weekend.




Lisa Norden Marriott Stellares

Lisa Norden Aruba

Lisa Norden Lighthouse Aruba