Points and a nice win in Istanbul

June 29th, 2015 by

Lisa Norden ETU Istanbul

I needed points so I went to Istanbul to find some. 

I haven’t raced a European Cup for a long time and really enjoyed it.

A quick no fuss kind of trip with a well executed race and a body showing signs of adapting to training.

Exactly what I wanted and needed – and what coach darren asked me to try to achieve.

He wished me a really boring race, the kind without drama, concussions or strained achilles.

The swim was controlled and I swam in – or near the front for the full lap. A group of seven formed on the bike and with no major technical challenges or hills not much was going to happen during the 20k’s or riding. So I found myself having to do something on the run. A quite rare moment for me those days. I had a very average transition and had to chase for a little out on the first lap. Legs didn’t feel to bad and I got to the front just before the first turn around. Out on the 2nd lap I had some 15 seconds which then stayed for the reminder of the race.

Job done.

A nice hit out and test – and some much needed points.

Photo: Calle Friberg

Photo: Calle Friberg

Lisa Norden Istanbul European Cup

Photo: Calle Friberg