Racing schedule 2015

Lisa Norden wins the US OPEN Dallas Triathlon for the 4th year in a row

1 Feb Kinloch New Zeeland Oceanica Sprint Championships

12 Feb Takapuna New Zeeland Continental Cup

6-7 Mar Wollongong Australia Continental Cup

5 Mar Abu Dhabi UAE World Triathlon Series, if accepted

14 Mar Mooloolaba Australia World Cup

21 Mar New Plymouth Australia World Cup

25-26 April Cape Town South Africa World Triathlon Series

16-17 May Yokohama Japan World Triathlon Series

13 June Baku European Games Azerbaijan European Games

18-19 July Hamburg Germany World Triathlon Series

1 Aug Rio Brazil Olympic Test Event

22-23  Aug Stockholm Sweden World Triathlon Series

5-6 Sept Edmonton Canada World Triathlon Series

15-20 Sept Chicago USA World Triathlon Series Grand Final

Nov Nassau Bahamas Independent non drating event