Second in Zürich 5150 after incident with car

July 14th, 2012 by

(KEYSTONE/Steffen Schmidt)

Zürich being an easy 2hr drive away from Davos was always the race of choice to confirm my start for the Hy-Vee triathlon later this year.

The only thing I needed to do was to finish. And I might as well put in a solid training day with a number on down in Zürich – as with my squad in Davos.

So I went down to Zürich this morning with a fairly tired body from this weeks training – and under hard instructions not to push it too hard.

In my last race in Kitzbühel I came back with a sore tendon needing some attention. With that just having settled – there was no need or time to risk coming back with another niggle.

Unfortunately my body doesn’t seem to be as thick as my head…

And what do I do?

I krasch into a car on the bike course.

I’m sure that was included in the few “not to do’s” given my coach yesterday.

I had a solid swim and a great start of the bike. The new Shiv is smooth and a pure joy to ride. I kept close to the front guys and opened up more space behind me.

I was in a good place enjoying myself.

So on the third lap there was a car on the bike course. Someone who managed to drive straight into a triathlon having no idea what was going in. Good thing was it was standing still and it looked quite easy to get around. That was, until it started moving again.

I slammed the breaks and skidded into it sideways. In slow motion I saw the impossible situation – and the olympic games being watched from a tv with a cast on.

Luckily it didn’t turn out that bad.

The Shiv was the sole victim with a snapped gear cable, and I was stuck in the small ring for the rest of the bike.

People who know me – knows that I don’t really like the small chain ring.

Needless to say I lost time. And maybe a bit of mojo.

Think most of that left me with the long line of abusive wordings coming out of my mouth moments after my krasch.

I came in to T2 with Spirig on my heels and we started off the run together. One of those runs done in a nice pace but without too much pressure.

Exactly the way Darren wanted it.

I was kind of enjoying myself again, concentrating on my form and breathing and being relaxed.

But then at the 5k mark Miss Spirig decided she had enough of my company.

And she made it quite clear the way she picked up the pace.

It was too much for me if I was going to keep it somewhat controlled, and I plotted on in my own pace the 2nd half of the run.

As there was plenty of time down to the next girl I wasn’t in a great rush, but took some time enjoying the crowd along the course – and finish shute.

Don’t think I ever had that many high fives before.

So job done.

The ticket to Hy-Vee is booked and I came back to Davos in one piece.