Sprint finish with a golden outcome in Yokohama

September 28th, 2012 by

Yokohama will forever remain a bit of magical place for me. 

As a career first ITU World Series win in 2009 – and now today another successful race with a gold medal reward.

It seems to be the place where I take control of the outcome and make sure it goes down my way.

In 2009 I came off an impressive 3 silvers in the WCS (Madrid, Hamburg and London). I rememberer running out on the last lap thinking “please don’t let it be another silver, I take anything but a silver…”. I went early, way to early probably…but got away with it and turned that medal into a golden one.

Today we ran out on the last lap as quite a substantial group. Way to many girls for me to feel comfortable. Yet, I knew I had good legs and more and more, faith in my finish.

With about a kilometer to go the pace picked up and the line of girls dragged out single file. I could hear the strain on the breath around me, and figured I still was in a good position.

The coach had given me a few different alternatives to play with. One of them was to wait for the finish and go with a strong kick.

Still, passing that corner that was the decisive one in 2009 – I figured I should try to do a repeat.

It worked back then – so maybe it will work again.

It didn’t really go down they way I had hoped.

I kicked. I kicked hard.

Once that decision is made there is no turning back or easing off. The only option is to go hard and give it everything until that banner is broken and the clock is stopped.

The problem was that my friend and training parter Anne Haug decided to go with me. She hung on all the way through the blue carpet – and then came back at me.

I was under some serious pressure and the option of loosing out in another sprint flicked through my head. I did not want that to happen. I did not want to be that close – but missing out – once more this year. The Olympics was enough. 

Somehow I found some hidden powers enough to carry me over that line in first.

Such a tremendous feeling of happiness and content.

I think the season of 2012 officially has turned from an injury proned one – to a career best!

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