Thank you

August 16th, 2012 by


Photo; Jessica Gow/Scanpix


I owe plenty of people thanks for helping me achieve what I did in London.

It’s not a solo effort – but an effort built from the support of a strong team.

Thank you;

Coach (Daz) Darren Smith for his patience and diligent work.

We have worked together for five years and he took me from an average semi talented youngster – to olympic medalist.

A special road indeed, and a trip I’ll never forget.

The physio team of Roz Penfold and Rick van Riemsdjik and psych Russel Martindale for their never ending work on keeping me as much in one piece as possible.

Altho at times, it seemed a task tougher than most.

The D-Squad. This amazing team of very talented individuals who has been a source of support and inspiration. We did this trip together. Not all of us walked away from London happy and content. If I could, I would hand out more medals – because I know a lot of ladies who truly deserve one after them years of dedication and effort.

My main sponsor Specialized and good friend Bobby Behan for making things possible.

For connecting me with the legendary Gerard Hartmann.

And to provide me with the super team Benno, Dylan and Pete.

My sponsors and dear partners





The funding wouldn’t have been there without the Swedish Olympic Committee.

And Swedens head coach Tomas Wiker have gotten many grey hairs in the process of making things happen.

Spot Anderson was my first proper coach – who if anything taught me to toughen up!

There are a lot of people here who are not named – but who knows they belong here.

I hope you all know who you are – and that I sincerely appreciate your support and help along the way.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Nicola Spirig on her Gold medal.

Erin Densham for her Bronze medal.

And all my fellow olympians and triathletes all sharing the amazing experience of racing in front of huge crowds in Hyde Park.

Groff Sarah

Jenkins Helen

Hewitt Andrea

Murua Ainhoa

Jackson Emma

Harrison Jessica

Mcilroy Kate

Haug Anne

Dittmer Anja

Abysova Irina

Adachi Mariko

Frintova Vendula

Riveros Diaz Barbara

Bennett Laura

Charayron Emmie

Sanders Gillian

Vodickova Radka

Rivas Claudia

Roberts Kate

Jensen Line

Damlaimcourt Karina

Jerzyk Agnieszka

Holland Vicky

Frederiksen Helle

Verstuyft Katrien

Peon Carole

Oliveira Pamella

Czesnik Maria

Bazlen Svenja

Hall Lucy

Ide Juri

Samuels Nicky

Klamer Rachel

Simic Mateja

Jorgensen Gwen

Ueda Ai

Ryf Daniela

Caelers Maaike

St Louis Fabienne

Morrison Aileen

Rodriguez Zurine

Duffy Flora

Mazzetti Annamaria

Razarenova Alexandra

Perterer Lisa

Bravo Iniguez Elizabeth

Zhang Yi

Kovacs Zsofia

Findlay Paula

Yelistratova Yuliya

Tremblay Kathy

Moffatt Emma


Thank you