The ITU World Triathlon Series is coming to Stockholm!

March 1st, 2012 by

There is a lovely change on the ITU program this year.

Stockholm is taking over the hosting of the August event of the ITU World Triathlon Series.

And I will get to race on home soil – with a home crowd!

This is a career first, and something I’m very excited about.


Stockholm is a beautiful city surrounded by a body of water. The course will take us past the castle and through parts of the Old Town, more downtown than so is harder to get.

It’s a completely new experience for me to have a big race in my home country. The be honest it is a bit scary, suddenly there will be so many people knowing me watching me race. But I’m hoping this will work to my benefit…

I’m also aware of the well added media interest it will attract, something well needed for this small, but growing, sport in Sweden. I would like to believe, that hosting this race, bringing all these world class athletes to my country. Things will start to stir, and it might be the start for many future little stars.

And last, I’m super happy to [finally] be able to invite my coach,  training partners and support crew to a true Swedish lobsterparty.

None of my friends will leave Sweden without that experience…