The Olympic Qualification process

May 28th, 2016 by

Photo: Etienne van Rensburg | Specialized

Photo: Etienne van Rensburg | Specialized

A lot of you are asking whats going on and if I’m in the olympics. 

I might have a nation slot (the points chase I did during the past 6months did work out for me) – but I’m yet to be selected to the Swedish Olympic Team.

The Swedish Olympic Committee has it’s own standards and qualification times we have to reach to be nominated for Rio. In most (all?) sports our national nomination time/place is much higher set than the Olympic standard. Ie you can make the Olympic nomination time/place but not be going to Rio.

The standard for Sweden equals a top 8 in the sport, that would mean we have the level of reaching an olympic final.

I didn’t reach that criteria last year. I was sick in Rio and missing a lot of training around that time I wasn’t in shape to get a top 8 in Chicago.

In Abu Dhabi this year I was 10th (in a sprint for 7 to 13th) a few seconds off, in Capetown I was 12th.

Neither good enough to give me an automatic selection.

After WTS Yokohama the Olympic Qualification period ended and most teams have selected their triathletes.

The last date to do so is the 5th of June.

When we came back both me and Darren had interviews with the Swedish Olympic Committee and the federation submitted a nominating document arguing for the case that I still should be going.

Statistics were added with fact like I in 2012 was racing similar or worse to now but yet still ran a 33:41 and won a medal in the London Olympic Games.

(Eg I raced the World Series race in Sydney end of april and places 17th running the 10k in 36:08 then DNS’ed in San Diego a month later due to injury).

So now I’m waiting for the phone call telling me that I either a) made the swedish team or b) didn’t meet the criteria and wont be going.

It’s nervous as hell and I’m hoping they are going to make up their minds sooner rather than later…

This weekend we are packing the car and on Monday starting the drive down towards France and the 2016 altitude camp in Morzine.