Training in Sedona

April 26th, 2012 by

I have never been to this part of the country before. I didn’t realize it was a proper wild west. Like a movie setting with cactus’s, red rocks, snakes and an occasional cowboy.

Sedona is on a similar altitude like our European base in Davos. With the lack of snow and steep mountains.

But as much full of surprises.

After four days of temperatures in the 30’s, blistering lips and burnt arms I was caught out today.

Riding up the mountain towards Flagstaff the rain rolled in and the temperature dropped to 11 deg. My shorts and thin rainjacket wasn’t much comfort and my body temperature sunk with every mile ridden.

I got to the stage where I could no longer change gears,

but I figured that as long as I still cold break I’d be ok.

It definitely made my top “coldest experiences in life” list,

It was the first time I’ve been served a peanutbutter and jam sandwich by the coach while caved in to a huge mountain of blankets and towels.

Have a look at the “warmer” photos in my Sedona album.