Two thirds in Auckland

March 29th, 2015 by

Lisa Norden driving the pack in Auckland

It was a day of mixed emotions in Auckland today.

An under par swim – a very strong bike – and a run that didn’t happen.

As I mentioned earlier the focus is about the process and obviously there are a lot of things I can take with me from this race.

But the party happens at the finish line, which means right now all the focus will be on my left achilles and getting it healthy. Because I’m very much aware of that there is a 10k run between myself and that line at the moment.


The achilles has been improving – but It didn’t like running at speed with race flats…

And with having such a long and important season ahead I had I can’t risk it’s taking any longer than absolutely necessary.

In Abu Dhabi I pushed through and it set back the healing process by almost three weeks.

I had my hopes to a feeling that it would be safe to run through, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Well done all the girls fighting hard out there today.